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fear & life

September 4, 2011

Lately, I’ve been astonished at the vast spectrum of human capability: the ice climber who runs up mountains covered in ice and the “Homer Simpson” type who rarely accomplishes anything more than watching a movie or finishing a beer. How can both of these people be of the same species?

Some people love dangerous things, they have no fear and are attracted to activities that place them on the edge. Being on this edge causes people to sense life. How is it the closer to death you are you’re more able to feel life clearly? Is it that you see death, know its eminence and sense its closeness; when you realize you’re still alive, it helps you also know your life in a deeper sense? Why do we fear these activities then? We fear them because they do bring death sometimes. Death is something none of us alive can understand. None of us have experienced it and so it is unknown. The unknown, that is what people fear. If knowledge is power then not knowing is the opposite- it leaves us powerless. We’re not prepared, we don’t know what to do, we don’t know anything, and so fear ensues. What are we to do?

When we depend on our human capabilities, fear debilitates. It begins to dictate everthing we do in order that we might stay in control. Fear is tricky and wants us to be paralyzed- it wants us to play it safe because by playing it safe in everything, nothing happens. If nothing happens we never learn, we never change, we… nothing. Fear wants to tell you that you are not capable because in trying you might fail and failing is uncomfortable. Uncomfortable is unpleasant and we don’t like unpleasant. But the thing is, we must move through unpleasant because it is the only way to real joy, real understanding and real life.

Wars are started because of fear, hate crimes are caused because of fear, generations of people are enslaved because of fear and kept down by use of fear. Fear is powerful and it’s a reality of our place on earth. We all fear something: fear of losing what is “ours,” fear of change, fear of being alone after someone sees who we really are, fear that we can’t do it; we fear. The beauty in all of this is that when we accept our fear and decide to move past it, we jump into a world of possibility that was greater than anything we could have dreamed. Our relationships are allowed to grow deep, our ownership is released and we don’t need to hold on so tight, we are able to climb the highest mountains.

This all begins with one step. One step after one step and before you know it, you are somewhere. We all get this same choice- to move or not. We can choose to play it safe but is that really living? And yes, if you choose to jump you’ll probably fall but in falling you’ll know life, you’ll taste it, and then you’ll want some more.

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  1. mother teresa permalink
    September 4, 2011 17:39

    well said Lindsey! Live Life with Courage, Abundance, and Love.

  2. Lauren permalink
    September 5, 2011 11:30

    Wow! You are really right about this, Lindsey. Well said! : )

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