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just the facts: the top 10 movies of all time

February 15, 2011

With the oscars coming up and all these great movies in theaters today, the past and present of greatest cinematography has been on my mind. As a result, I have narrowed down the best movies of all time. I don’t mean, “in my opinion,” i mean these ARE the best, top 10 movies of ALL time. You are allowed to disagree (and be wrong). Without further ado, here it is…

10. Forrest Gump (1994), directed by Robert Zemeckis

9. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946), directed by Frank Capra

8. The Darjeeling Limited (2007), directed by Wes Anderson

7. Citizen Kane (1941), directed by Orson Wells

6. The Last Picture Show (1971), directed by Peter Bogdanovich

5. Psycho (1960), directed by Alfred Hitchcook

4. The Godfather (1972), directed by Francis Ford Coppola

3. No Country for Old Men (2007), directed by Ethan & Joel Coen

2. Lost in Translation (2003), directed by Sofia Coppola

1. American Beauty (1999), directed by Sam Mendes

This list was composed with a mindedness of each film’s ability to depict the human condition, their thoughtful & astute writing, and overall original filmed-stories; taking into account character development, cinematography, and lasting effect on the viewer. (I do admit this list is biased to american films and the american condition.) I welcome comments, disagreements, and discusion; let me know what you think!

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  1. February 15, 2011 20:50

    I love lists like this and could talk/argue them forever.

    That said…Darjeeling??? You say potato. I say Tenenbaum. Where I might have to cede ground would be on the basis of your criteria. The part about “character development” might be the death of “The Royal Tenenbaums,” but I don’t care. I love it, and rank it in my own top 10.

    I loved “Lost in Translation,” and I think I’ll end up liking “Somewhere” even more. But I need to see it one or two more times.

    God bless you for including “The Last Picture Show.”

    Great post!

    • February 17, 2011 21:43

      I appreciate your admiration and thoughts on my movie list. It’s nice to see someone other than my friends/family thinks I have something interesting to say.

      Glad you liked it and thanks for reading!


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