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lady gaga (in lindsey speak: la-De, ga-Ga)

February 12, 2011

alexander mcqueen slash-shoulder tailcout, bib bodysuit, and embroidered trousers. de grisogono ring

lady gaga is out with a new single: “born this way.” i can’t say that i am thrilled with the outcome. it is fine, but i wouldn’t go much further than that. yes, it has an uplifting message for those who find themselves outcast from the normal, however despite that, the song itself is a very normal pop song. some are saying it is too similar to madonna’s “express yourself,” but  it is very different lyrically and enough musically to not be confused. the fact that it would be confused at all, however, leads us to believe it is not that interesting to begin with. i am disappointed with this single, but can’t let go of gaga quite yet. i still find some of her work horribly interesting and am drawn to her out of this world persona. she has created herself into a pop-phenomena and that could be the most interesting thing about her. she is becoming a fashion icon in her desire to wear the most out-standing attire created by the most well-known fashion designers today (see Vogue). her videos developed from the hous of gaga, such as bad romance and telephone, are enormously original, creative, compelling and entertaining. so why is there this divide? the conclusion i am proposing is perhaps that gaga is a persona, an entertaining force- she can hold that power in her person. she is a performer at the core of her being. possibly, the creation part of her music is not as original. it could be that she too is drawn to the more outlandish, weird, artistic details of our culture but she, herself, Stefani Germanotta, is normal just like the rest of us. this is not a bad thing and could actually fare very well for her. the more she can relate to us “nobodies” the more we can relate to her. this paired with her interesting choice of clothing, stylistic video decisions and ability to wow an audience can only be a good thing. This method keeps everyone relatable and therefore attached, while also giving them something new to look at and be entertained by, holding their interest strong. lady gaga is smart and though i am not WOWed by “born this way,” i will still keep her on the radar. not to mention she gets to wear the most amazing outfits!! (see picture above).

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